Rangiora Acupuncture Testimonial: Cervical Spine Degeneration

My symptoms were severe pain down the side of my neck resulting from degeneration at the top of my spine due to arthritis. I had difficulty in keeping my head in a comfortable position with regards to reading etc.

I felt very depressed and lethargic with not much energy for day to day activities. I was frustrated because I couldn’t read for any length of time due to strain up the side of my neck, often using a foam collar for support. Housework was also a painful experience due to this feeling of strain.

With my neck pain and arthritis in my knees I was having difficulty at the bowling club too.

After about six treatments I found my neck movement had improved and the pain and discomfort starting to lessen. I was getting energy back and my knees have slowly improved so feel activities such as my bowling days are not so tiring.

I do not use the foam collar anymore and I can also manage now without regular use of painkillers. The treatment has freed me from so much discomfort that I have a much happier feeling again.

Mavis Dawber,


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