Rangiora Acupuncture Testimonial: Psoriasis

I had itchy psoriasis rashes on my legs, arms, back and chest – overlaid with inflammation from an allergic reaction to antibiotics. There was a large patch on one leg that was infected and suppurating.

I was worried. Having had the experience of months of trying other treatments unsuccessfully, I believed that at my age of  75, I couldn’t expect the disease to leave me.  I was suffering, fatigued from broken sleep, and not able to carry on with life as normal.

After just a few of your treatments, I was relieved of the worry as I began to notice signs of improvement. That was a big thing, especially your confidence and encouragement.   I was learning more about the condition and how to cooperate with the treatment. Eventually all the symptoms cleared. My life returned to a new comfortable normal.

It felt like having a new lease on life.  I was delighted to be free of the symptoms, and happy to incorporate changes I had made, for example to my diet, on a permanent basis. I was pleased to have developed an undersanding about psoriasis – that it lurks in the system and can flare up. I can now retrospectively pinpoint exactly what will cause a flare up and how I can remain free of symptoms. I am grateful to Brett, and happy that as a result of the experience I  am better tuned in to my body.

D. Small

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