Rangiora Acupuncture Testimonial: Unexplained Severe Back Pain

I had severe pain in between hip and under lower ribs on the right. I was admitted to hospital in December and was told it was musculoskeletal chest/back pain. I was given morphine and paracetamol to help with the pain but this did little to help other than slightly improve sleep. I had got so depressed I was contemplating going into a rest home. I still had ongoing pain until my acupuncture treatment in mid January.
I felt the pain was subsiding from the first week of treatment and I stopped the morphine almost immediately and then gradually the paracetamol all within the first two treatments.
I am now able to do my gardening again and socialise. My family and friends are amazed at how well I am now.
I don’t use my walking frame or stick any more.
I am 84 years old and now feel years younger thanks to your treatment. I was put at ease and felt very relaxed throughout.

J.E. Nelson

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